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Quaker Barn Sheds

The Quaker Barn Range at WestVic Sheds & Garages

The barn style shed is the most versatile shed in the range. Whether you’re looking for style, that second storey retreat or just extra height for your boat or caravan this is the shed for you.

Barns are a very popular option for a weekender or even a permanent residence at a very cost effective price. There is no feeling like waking up to the sound of birds and walking out onto your balcony for your morning coffee.

All our barns are available with mezzanine floors, stair cases, windows, glass sliding doors and all our cladding options. These sheds are also completely custom so whether you want an American barn with a carport down one side or a Quaker barn with a balcony we can build it to suit your needs.

Our range of Quaker Barns include:

  • Quaker Barn with 2 roller doors
  • Quaker Barn with 2 side lean-to's
  • Quaker Barn with 1 roller door
  • Quaker Barn with partially closed in lean-to
  • Quaker Barn with closed in lean-to
  • Quaker Barn with verandah


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WestVic Sheds   WestVic Sheds   WestVic Sheds



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