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Fair Dinkum Homes & Sheds


WestVic Sheds - Cubby Houses & Forts !

For great imaginative fun for the kids you can’t go past a Cubby house or Fort. We supply the Arsenic free range of Connecting kids Cubby houses and can also install on site. The range is huge with options of building your own playground in the security of your own home.

Our Cubby House range comes with a large variety of optional extras to turn your child's play into an adventure.

We have a large range of Children's Cubby Houses, Forts and Optional Extras such as slides, connecting bridges, sandpits, netting and so much more.


WestVic Sheds   WestVic Sheds   WestVic Sheds
WestVic Sheds   WestVic Sheds   WestVic Sheds


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